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Mar 25, 2013 6:00am PDT
... i got a subaru. (announcer) love. it's what makes a subaru a subaru. your finances can't manage themselves, but that doesn't mean they won't try. bring all your finances together with the help of the one person who can, a certified financial planner professional. cfp -- let's make a plan. [ ship horn blows ] no, no, no! stop! humans. one day we're coming up with the theory of relativity, the next... not so much. but that's okay -- you're covered with great ideas like optional better car replacement from liberty mutual insurance. total your car and we give you the money to buy one a model year newer. learn about it at liberty mutual insurance. responsibility. what's your policy? >>> a last-minute deal to avert a financial meltdown in cyprus is fueling market in europe and here at home, as well. it could help the s&p break its all-time closing record. it's just nine points away. one note of caution out there. on sunday, reuters reported the imf is going to slash its expectations for the u.s. growth rate in 2013 from 2% to just 1.7%. >>> now, starting tomorrow,
Search Results 0 to 0 of about 1